Pillars of a business building.

Beyond the Three Pillars of 3Pillar

1024 682 David DeWolf

As the founder and CEO of 3Pillar, I often get asked, “David, what are the three pillars of 3Pillar?” The name of the company begs the question.

When I started 3Pillar in 2006, I didn’t have a grand vision of building a company with teams of software developers all over the world. I just knew that I wanted to build an organization that would build great products and come to be known for doing it with integrity, innovation, and agility. These are the three qualities, or “pillars,” that everyone at 3Pillar believes are good in and of themselves. They are the baseline for building great software products.

Each one of these pillars is critical to our company’s ability to thrive in a world where the pace of technological change seems to accelerate every day. We strive to stay in front of the curve by putting these ideals into practice at every turn.

At 3Pillar, we value consistency of character, creative genius at the intersection of business and technology, and the power to move quickly and with great flexibility. These are values that our clients know they can count on, whether they’re talking to a 3Pillar employee in the United States, in India, in Argentina, or in Romania.

As a company, we believe that these ideals are best reached within the context of high-performing teams. To that end, we have adopted cultural values that describe how we interact with each other and our clients. Every 3Pillar employee must strive to:

  • Treat each and every person with dignity and respect
  • Build collaborative and high performing teams
  • Communicate openly and without reservation
  • Drive quality results, not perfection
  • Work iteratively, with a willingness to learn from mistakes

When we adhere to these cultural values, we continue to strengthen the “one team” dynamic we have built across the globe. We can see the results of these efforts throughout the gains we’ve made as an organization in the last year with operations and resource management, the 3Pillar Global competency centers, 3Pillar Labs, the work being done by our marketing department, and in several other areas of the company.

Together with our core values, our cultural value defines who we are as a company. The three pillars of 3Pillar describe what makes up our character. It is important to me that everyone at 3Pillar live each of these values and not just talk about them.