Creating Leverage

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There are certain things that only you can do. There are a lot of things that someone else can do, that you could offload.

But…most of us don’t have people to offload things to.

I’ve talked before about how I’ve had to learn to use an executive assistant to offload those administrative things to somebody else. I’m still not great at it: there are lots of things where I find it’s just easier to throw out a time to meet in an email, for example, rather than copying my assistant on it and pulling her in.

I’m starting to learn to delegate and create leverage in other areas of my life. I have somebody who helps me with editing my blogs and pushing out my weekly newsletters. I’ve hired somebody to help with some of the bookkeeping tasks–not for 3Pillar (where we have a whole finance department), but for my personal life, where I have some side investments and some other fees and activities.

All of these things create leverage in my life. By finding people who can assist and help, it’s been very beneficial. It has allowed me to focus on my priorities.

I’m looking for new ways to create leverage, for other opportunities to optimize my work-life balance. I’m considering getting a personal assistant for home, someone to go through my personal email and divide them up and get some organization around them.

I spend so much time–YOU spend so much time–on things that, quite frankly, we don’t need to be the ones to do. What if someone else was going through your inbox, filtering out all the spam, filtering out all the emails that you don’t need to respond to or aren’t from somebody that you know? I’m starting to think that could save me hours of time every week.

How do YOU create leverage?