Customer Experience is More than Great Digital User Experience

A week ago I posted about a story about Customer Experience. Since then, a few folks have asked about the difference between Customer Experience (CX) and User Experience (UX).

The importance of user experience within the digital economy has brought about a renewed focus within the industry on “customer experience.” But few people really understand the difference between the two and the impact that one can have on the other.

A great digital user experience isn’t all there is to building a great customer experience.

The discipline of User Experience focuses on the interactions a person has with your product. UX deals with questions such as whether your software is intuitive and easy to use.

The discipline of Customer Experience focuses on the interactions a person has with your brand. CX deals with the question of whether an individual is likely to become a customer, stay a customer, or recommend that others become a customer.

An exceptional user experience does not translate into loyal, raving fans. An exceptional customer experience that includes strong digital experience, on the other hand, is the recipe for long-lasting relationships for today’s product-oriented world.

Do you have your priorities straight?

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