Foreign Jobs Benefit the U.S. Economy

Most US citizens get the realities of our global economy.   If they didn’t prior to the most recent recession, I think they are beginning to now.   Several years ago, it was common to find IT insiders vigorously opposed the off-shoring of jobs.  These days, vocal opponents seem few and far between. Most people understand our economy relies upon economies from around the world.

Despite this apparent shift in public opinion and Three Pillar’s shore agnostic deliver model, I still get the occasional critic who seems annoyed by the fact a large portion of our staff are spread throughout the world.  Somehow, these critics view every job sent oversees as a job lost here at home.  Unfortunately, this is simply not the case.

I’m proud of the fact Three Pillar Global has created about 60 jobs in Fairfax, VA since it’s founding just 4 years ago.   I’m also proud we employ nearly twice this number in our other offices.  What the small, often loud, minority of opponents don’t understand is the US jobs would not exist without their oversees counterparts.

The global economy is a reality.  Without the ability to lower the cost of innovation, US companies would simply not be able to compete effectively.  By leveraging it’s shore agnostic approach, Three Pillar Global is able to embrace global talent and economies while simultaneously providing the unique talent of American innovation.  From a business perspective this approach simply makes sense – providing a solution optimized for innovation, quality, time to market, and budget.  From a political perspective this solution simply creates jobs.  Without the combination, the 60 new jobs simply wouldn’t exist.

Very few pundits disagree this past election was a vote for job growth.  I hope the new congress does more to support businesses such as Three Pillar Global and encourages the type of job growth we’ve been able to provide.  Imposing new taxes, reducing small business tax breaks, or doing anything to hinder our ability to engage the global economy would seriously stifle our ability to provide more jobs here at home.

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