Go. NOW. - David DeWolf

Go, NOW: A Lesson for Entrepreneurs

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Sometimes you have to move. Sometimes you have to just do it. Sometimes you have to push the rock forward and do it quickly.

Too often people want to wait for perfection. Too often people want to put all the details together and have a perfect plan before they move.

But entrepreneurial organizations require little wins. They require vision and direction. They require immediate change. They require momentum.

Make a decision and go. Don’t plan too much.

Don’t get me wrong: it’s important to plan! But the value is in the planning, not the plan. No matter how much you refine it, it will be wrong. No matter how much you’ve left out, you will have left out more than you thought.

Make a decision and go. Sometimes, that’ll disrupt people. Sometimes that will make them uncomfortable. Sometimes it will rock the boat. All of that’s okay.

Be prudent and be deliberate, but don’t be afraid to move.