Healthy Habits: Sunday Morning Coffee - David DeWolf

Healthy Habits: Sunday Morning Coffee

David DeWolf

In the Healthy Habits series, I’ll be sharing habits I put into practice that help me to live an integrated life.

Over the past year I developed a new healthy habit, and, it may be one of my favorites. It’s multi-faceted. It serves many areas of my life. And it doubles as my guilty pleasure.

Sunday morning, before heading to church, Teresa and I head to Starbucks. We block off two hours of nothing. We talk. We plan our week. We blog.

Sometimes we just sit together doing our own thing. Other times we coordinate logistics for the upcoming week of activities. Sometimes there’s a more meaningful conversation. Most of the time, it’s a combination. It’s casual. But it’s the highlight of our week.

Whatever we do, Sunday Morning Coffee gives us the opportunity to reconnect. It gives us an opportunity to enjoy a cup of coffee and be together. It’s 2 hours of nothing planned but us. It’s that block of time that we know we have as a couple each week.

How about you? Do you have a time block to get away and just be with your spouse?

It doesn’t have to be deep. Find something simple that you both love. Maybe you both like to paint. Do it together. Maybe you prefer a glass of wine on Friday night. Whatever it is, block off time to consistently just “be” together.