Leadership + Emotional Intelligence: Emerge and Evolve, Episode 4

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Emotional intelligence is often overlooked when we’re thinking of the most important leadership intangibles. Far too frequently, leadership is mistaken for charisma, or even popularity or social ease.

For this episode of Emerge and Evolve, Jennifer Stanford and I discuss why self-awareness, authenticity, and psychological safety, plus a willingness to continually work on oneself, are key cornerstones of development for anyone in a leadership position. For me, learning and experiencing that authenticity is more critical to being a successful leader than charisma was an eye-opening realization.

Jennifer and I tackle topics like whether there is such a thing as a natural-born leader, and we discuss why true leadership means leading people up, down, and across, not just down.

Jennifer is famous within 3Pillar for her company’s Identity Mapping and the 4 Ways assessment, which helps teams understand one another better, collaborate more effectively, and more rapidly develop the all-important dynamic of trust within teams. She touches on each of the 4 Ways in this episode and gives insights into why, when it comes to leading and working with others, it pays to truly know your audience.

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