Leadership & The Stages of Growth, Continued: Emerge and Evolve, Episode 3

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Bobby Christian joins us again for episode 3 of Emerge and Evolve to continue our discussion on how and why your leadership focus and capabilities must adapt as your company moves through various phases of revenue growth.

Bobby and I share a few lessons learned in this episode from times when the entrepreneurial journey wasn’t always as rosy as it’s often portrayed as being. Early in 3Pillar’s history, for example, our largest client was acquired two times. We survived the first acquisition, but they ended our contract with 30 days’ notice after the second acquisition. Because this client was responsible for 50% of 3Pillar’s revenue, I had to learn how to sell — and quickly.

As we discuss on this episode, my working relationship with Bobby was forged by the fire in that experience working together to land a new client. Thanks to that new client prepaying their SOW 6 hours before 3Pillar would’ve missed payroll, we were able to get everyone paid and maintain business as usual.

Tune in for some hard-earned wisdom from Bobby and me around the importance of cash flow, how to deal with the challenges of melding cultures after an acquisition, and learning to accept that people leaving your company, while difficult, can also present opportunities for growth.

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