Lessons from Buenos Aires


View out of the Three Pillar offices in Buenos AiresI travel frequently, visiting our delivery centers in Romania, Argentina, and India as well as other locations throughout the world and country.  I actually enjoy travel itself, though being away from Teresa and the kids is tough.  I’m always ready to get back home.

Each time I go somewhere, I seem to learn interesting tidbits about the country, culture, or even life.  Here’s what I learned while in Argentina.

  • If you’re going to visit Buenos Aires, consider doing it in December. Holy beautiful!  Great weather, blue sky.  Sun. Wow!
  • The south of Argentina is absolutely beautiful and the north is rich in culture.  Next time I visit Buenos Aires I need to find a way to travel to those locations – hopefully with Teresa.
  • Determination always pays off.  Refuse to settle for the easy answer.  Look at the data and analyze it until it makes sense.  If it still doesn’t make sense, rinse and repeat.
  • It’s easy to gain a pound a day in Argentina.  Red meat and red wine are as good as advertised and if you want to extend the pleasure – getting through customs with two bottles of wine is no problem.
  • Tango is a stereotype, not a way of life in Argentina.  Less than 10% of our office tangos and many people laugh and claim that more tourists tango in Buenos Aires than locals.  There are plenty of tango bars and a history of great tango, but the last and current generation don’t tango regularly.
  • Speaking of dance, people’s reaction to it are the same all over the world.  Either you have rhythm, or you don’t.  You’re either the life of the party or you try desperately to barely move your feet so that you don’t make a fool out of yourself.  The music itself might be a little different, but the mindset of the office holiday party is the same.
  • Getting through airport security stinks no matter what country you’re in.  Spending two hours in the security line must not be totally due TSA’s incompetence.

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