True A-Players Point to Others

700 466 David DeWolf

Pride and ego get in the way of good business all the time. The best leaders and employees typically give credit to others. They are the ones who are continuously pointing out others’ successes. They’re the people touting the accomplishments of their peers and proclaiming the hard work of those around them. They are more than willing to share accolades with others.

These types of individuals are the true all-stars in your organization. They probably have plenty of great successes themselves, but you won’t hear about it from them.

The people who are hungry for attention or accolades are typically the ones who lack self-confidence because they can’t continuously perform at that level.

Your true A-players are more than happy to share the spotlight. For them, it’s about the success of the team, of the whole unit, of the entire company. It’s not about themselves.

They are the individuals you want on your team.