Making and Managing Acquisitions - The Evolving Leader Episode 8

Making & Managing Acquisitions: Emerge and Evolve, Episode 8

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Dan Henderson joins me for this episode of Emerge and Evolve to talk about acquisitions, an important, potentially vital tool for growth that the evolving leader must use judiciously. Dan and I have been working closely together for a year-plus in his role as the Global Head of Corporate Development and M&A at 3Pillar. He has been focused on, among other things, integrating three companies that 3Pillar acquired in a span of 8 months from 2020 to 2021.

Prior to joining 3Pillar, Dan was always a reliable, insightful sounding board for any acquisition-related questions I may have had. We had lunch together at least once a year for about a decade before he joined 3Pillar. His experience as an investor in early-stage companies at CIT GAP Funds, including Board seats on many companies, has always given him great perspectives into how high-growth companies can, should, and shouldn’t use acquisitions to fuel their growth.

Dan’s sage advice through the years has almost always been borne out by experience. From what qualities to look for in companies that would be good acquisition targets for 3Pillar to how we could sharpen our messaging to potential investors (3Pillar took on a strategic growth investment from H.I.G. Capital in November 2021), his business instincts and years of experience always lead to great counsel.

Tune in to this episode to hear why:

  • You should never fall in love with the deal when looking at acquisition targets
  • One criterion when considering acquisition targets should be the strength of the culture the leaders have created
  • It has never been more true or applicable that the world is flat
  • Leaders should look for complementary cultures that can mesh well with their company’s existing culture

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