Mobile is intersecting with Big Data

1024 576 David DeWolf

Given that portable devices have largely become an extension of the human person, they are rapidly collecting, consuming, and leveraging increasingly complex and rapidly growing sets of data. Not only are the data sets themselves growing in size and complexity, but so are the uses – the way we expect to access, slice, dice, analyze them.

Luckily, innovators are tackling more than just front-end mobility challenges. “Big Data” innovations are also on the rise. Parallel processing, data mining grids, high-performance (distributed and non-sql) databases, and cloud computing platforms are all on the rise.

Technological advances in the way we handle Big Data will ultimately play a large role in the Mobile revolution. As software products for phones, tablets, and other mobile platforms continue to become more complex and leverage the innovations such as geo-location and sensory information that produces massive data stores, Big Data innovations will become more and more relevant to the Mobile community.

While boutique consultancies have largely dominated the mobile development revolutions so far, watch for scalable OPD firms such as Three Pillar to quickly move to the forefront as products become more complex and reliant on Big Data and other enterprise and innovative technologies.

What other dependencies does the Mobile revolution depend upon? What technologies and innovations will intersect with Mobile? Who is positioned the best to help push these innovations forward?