What’s on My Phone: SKLZ Cam

In the “What’s on My Phone” series, I share tidbits regarding the apps, music, and other treasures that are on my phone.  Together, these items keep me productive, motivated, and on top of my game.

This is a must-have for every dad with kids in sports. SKLZ Cam lets me record video of my kids playing sports and replay it in slow motion, with or without a diagram on top.

When my son complains that the third strike was too high, I can show him that it crossed the plate right at his belt. When my daughter can’t figure out why the ball hit off the goalpost, I can review her kick and help diagnose the problem.

Best of all, when I can’t figure it out, I can share the video with their coaches, who can help them make the right adjustments and get back in the game. Who knows, if I had this technology, I may have made the NBA!

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