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[callout]In the “What’s on My Phone” series, I share tidbits regarding the apps, music, and other treasures that are on my phone.  Together, these items keep me productive, motivated, and on top of my game.[/callout]

I always thought that TripIt was just another attempt at someone trying to make money off of social media.  Then Dan (who is one of the most innovative and technologically savvy people I know) raved about it and dared me to try it out.

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Wow!  It’s not all about posting your flight info to Facebook like I thought it was.

Tripit will scan your inbox—or you can forward emails to it if you’d prefer not give it access—and it will digest your flight, hotel, and rental car information, organizing it into a single trip itinerary.

It will give you proactive notifications about delays and changes in your schedule and will allow you to share the details via CalDav so that anyone (read: your wife) can have on-demand access to your most current schedule.

[reminder]What apps or methods do you use to manage your travel and trip information?[/reminder]

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  1. John Estrada says:

    I use WorldMate for the same thing. It is may all time favorite app.

    1. David DeWolf says:

      Never heard of it. Will have to check it out. Do you like it better than Tripit? What features are better?

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