Reader Survey Results

Thank you to everyone who helped me with my reader survey! Here are the results.

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Topics you most enjoy reading

  1. Entrepreneurship
  2. Innovation and Leadership (tied)

Topics you want to

  1. Living an Integrated Life
  2. Inspiration, Faith & Family, Innovation, and Leadership (tied)

What you most want to learn from me

  1. Lessons from a First-Time CEO
  2. Integrated Life plans and Lessons from an Entrepreneur (tied)

Some other interesting items

Over two-thirds of you rely on social media links to read what I’m writing. One-third of you come directly to the website and one-third of you use the weekly email newsletter. (There’s overlap, since you could select all that apply.)

Over half of you are entrepreneurs and almost one-third of you are in management.

Thanks for being here!

Most of all, I want to say thanks! I’ve kept blogging because I enjoy it, and I enjoy it because of you!

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