Reader Survey Results

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Thank you to everyone who helped me with my reader survey! Here are the results.

Topics you most enjoy reading

  1. Entrepreneurship
  2. Innovation and Leadership (tied)

Topics you want to

  1. Living an Integrated Life
  2. Inspiration, Faith & Family, Innovation, and Leadership (tied)

What you most want to learn from me

  1. Lessons from a First-Time CEO
  2. Integrated Life plans and Lessons from an Entrepreneur (tied)

Some other interesting items

Over two-thirds of you rely on social media links to read what I’m writing. One-third of you come directly to the website and one-third of you use the weekly email newsletter. (There’s overlap, since you could select all that apply.)

Over half of you are entrepreneurs and almost one-third of you are in management.

Thanks for being here!

Most of all, I want to say thanks! I’ve kept blogging because I enjoy it, and I enjoy it because of you!