Stages of Entrepreneurial Growth

1024 576 David DeWolf
3Pillar executive Bobby Christian recently sent me this insight into the various phases of company growth.  It’s one man’s perspective, but I found it fairly insightful – and true to what I have experienced.

$0 to $2mm is about guts and waking up early and staying up late
$2mm to $5mm is about the will to win, a little luck, and even harder work
$5mm to $10mm is about figuring out a model, a little leverage, and believing more than those around you
$10mm to $25mm is about convincing a few people better than you in a respective competency to take a chance on the future (and on you)
$25mm to $50mm is about getting the entrepreneurial spirit to integrate with the operational excellence
$50mm to $200mm is about blocking, tackling, scaling, and building teams to collaborate (or not kill each other)
$200mm is out of my league and for other people…