Go the Extra Mile

Want to make a difference? Need to be noticed? Have a point to make? Then it’s worth it to go the extra mile.

Perspective Is Everything

Trials and tribulations happen to us all the time. Sometimes, the biggest punches to our gut become the biggest accelerators in our lives. It’s all about perspective.

Why I Took My Online Presence to the Next Level [Graphic]

Having an online presence is required to be an effective leader in today’s business world. Here are some of the reasons why I remain convinced that developing a strong online presence was and is the right thing for my business — and I’ll bet most of them apply to you as well.

Do the Right Thing: Have the Hard Conversations

Sometimes, it’s not easy to do the right thing, especially if that involves having a hard conversation. Here’s why it’s critically important…for you AND for the person you’re communicating with.