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How Do You Encourage Creative Thinking in Your Organization - David DeWolf
How Do You Encourage Creative Thinking in Your Organization?
829 579 David DeWolf

Maybe we invested in a cool new toy. Or maybe we invested in creative thinking for our employees. What do you think?

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Why You Shouldn't Have More than a Few Direct Reports - David DeWolf
Why You Shouldn’t Have More than a Few Direct Reports
849 565 David DeWolf

It’s dangerous to have too many direct reports. Here’s why I advocate five to seven, max.

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Disconnect Perception and Reality - David DeWolf
6 Steps to Get Beyond “Perception Is Reality”
683 703 David DeWolf

Perception is reality. It shapes the way that we interpret other’s actions. Our perception becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. But we can break this cycle. Here are six steps to take you to that resolution.

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Why Asking "Why" Creates Better Employees - David DeWolf
Why Asking “Why” Creates Better Employees
700 559 David DeWolf

We often see asking “Why” as a way to craft long-term strategies, but here’s why you should use “Why” to build your short-term tactics and make better employees too.

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How I Plan My Life for Optimal Performance - David DeWolf
How I Plan My Life for Optimal Performance
700 559 David DeWolf

Every day, I spend time planning. It’s a key part of how I plan my life and try to ensure optimal performance.

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3 Ways to Negotiate - David DeWolf
3 Ways to Negotiate
700 466 David DeWolf

There are three ways to negotiate: play hardball, work for a good, fair deal, or manage the situation and be willing to walk away.

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Creating Organizational Culture - David DeWolf
Creating Organizational Culture
700 466 David DeWolf

Is it possible to shape organizational culture. Here’s why I say yes and here’s how you can do it.

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Customer Focus - David DeWolf
Customer Focus: The Heart of Every Business
700 463 David DeWolf

The most important part of your business is your customer. Don’t lose customer focus, no matter how tempted you may be to “move on” to something bigger and better. Your customer is the key to your business.

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4 Principles for Awesome Email Responsiveness
1024 576 David DeWolf

Do you need to start managing your email instead of letting it control you? Here are four guiding principles for increasing the email you can process so that you can optimize your email responsiveness.

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Your Executive Assistant Sucks (and It’s Not His Fault)
700 465 David DeWolf

There are two kinds of executives. Those who have a great executive assistant and those who don’t. Which one are you?

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