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The 5 Things I’m Most Thankful for This Year

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I’ve written a few “things I’m most thankful” for posts in the past. I listed 3 things I was thankful for in 2011 after going all-out with a top 10 list in 2010. A full decade since my last post, here are 5 things I’m feeling especially grateful for this year. 


I couldn’t be luckier to be called “Dad” by 8 amazing children. I’m just as lucky to be raising them with my wonderful wife, Teresa. The only thing that compares to the joy of seeing our children discover their talents and develop their unique personalities is sharing the experience with my soulmate. The majority of what I write about nowadays is tied to my experience building and leading companies, but I’m just as passionate and deliberate about leading a healthy, fulfilling family life. 


I had a COVID scare last Christmas that was intense to say the least. Health is an area of life that’s far too easy to take for granted. I’ve been especially grateful this year to be back in good health personally and to be able to say the same about everyone in our immediate family. Nothing changes your perspective on health like a 2-week long battle with a debilitating, potentially life-threatening sickness.  


I grew up in the Catholic church. Faith has been a cornerstone of my life since I made it my own in college. It remains so today. I believe deeply that there’s a larger plan for all of us than we could ever know. A handful of experiences in the last year have reaffirmed that belief. The exact right doors have opened up at exactly the right times far too often to chalk it up to coincidence, happenstance, or plain old luck. 

New Beginnings 

At 3Pillar, we acquired 3 companies in a span of 9 months recently, from August 2020 to this April. I relish the injection of energy we get in the organization every time we bring another company into the fold. Seeing team members from all over the world get to know one another, inspire one another, and elevate one another’s games is one of the greatest gifts I’ve received in 15 years at the helm of 3Pillar. 

Personal Connection 

I swore off Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook at the end of last year. Perhaps not surprisingly, that decision has provided me the opportunity to connect at a deeper level. Despite COVID, I’ve had the opportunity to spend more quality time with the people I truly care about — family, friends, and teammates. And, I feel like I’m just getting started. As the world opens back up, I can’t wait to visit our team members around the globe. 

Bonus: You! 

If you’ve made it this far, I’m truly grateful to you for reading. I’ve made a concerted effort to put pen to paper regularly this year. It has been great to hear from so many people who’ve come across posts they found to be insightful or relevant. If you fall into that camp, please consider subscribing to my email newsletter to get new posts delivered straight to your inbox. Thanks as always for reading, and Happy Thanksgiving!