Transactional tactics are killing your relational sales

There are two types of sales: transactional and relational. The tactics that work on one do NOT work on the other.

Transactional sales are driven by great copy, a clear value proposition, and a good deal. They are accelerated if you can create urgency and the perception of value. Time’s running out. The price goes up on Tuesday. I don’t want to miss that deal!

Pencils and groceries are transactional sales.

The digital economy has brought about a new wave of transactional sales folk. More and more folks are learning transactional selling techniques to sell their eBooks, videos, and other information products. While these products require credibility and a stronger value proposition than a commodity like a pencil, they are still transactional sales.

Relational sales are rooted in trust. Many transactional techniques erode the trust.

Recently I witnessed as an expert in transactional marketing attempted to move into relational sales. It was an utter disaster. He offended several prospects, soiled his reputation, and came across as a snake oil salesman. His transactional tactics simply didn’t transfer.

People can’t be cajoled into a relational sale. It takes time, a genuine relationship, and trust.

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  1. Mark Kalpakgian says:

    In my community discussions, I often tell prospective clients we make decisions based on price, product, and partnership. Transactional methods can only go so far with price and produce. Partnership requires transformational rather than transactional habits, attitudes, and actions.

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