Want to learn more about yourself? Get interviewed! David_DeWolf_1200x675

Want to learn more about yourself? Get interviewed!

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About a month ago I was asked to participate in the executive leaders radio program. The link below will take you to the interview and is a little bit of a different perspective about my story.

Being interviewed for this program was an interesting experience for me, and frankly, I learned a little bit about myself through the process. A few interesting points that are covered include:

  • The motivation behind starting Three Pillar
  • My view on the safety of entrepreneurship vs. being an employee
  • Lessons from childhood and the military lifestyle I grew up in
You can listen to the broadcast here. I actually never listened to the final result until I received a request for an interview with a different program earlier today. This served as a reminder of the lessons I learned during the interview and prompted my desire to listen and see if there was anything new I could pick up as a “disinterested third party!”

Self-examination is a good thing. Interviewing is an unusual, but potentially powerful way to get a different perspective on yourself.