What’s in a name?

1024 576 David DeWolf

I am often asked what the Three Pillar Global name means. A name is a powerful representation of who we are and where we come from. In the case of our name, there is no guessing required, the name clearly points to the core values upon which the company was founded. These are the essence of who we are.

Integrity is consistency of character. It requires steadfast adherence to known principles through both words and actions. In relationships, it is characterized by sound moral character and the fortitude necessary to do the right thing. In technical disciplines, it is characterized by adherence to proven practices and sound techniques.

Innovation requires a radical balance between analytical thought and creative genius. It demands the ability to identify and understand an opportunity. Yet, identification is not enough. To innovate, one must capitalize on this understanding by creating a solution that delivers real value. Products must innovate to remain relevant, capture market share, and grow revenue. Truly successful businesses find new ways to do new things.

Agility is the power to move quickly and easily. It fuses nimbleness, strength, and discipline together into a single force that enables one to react to ever-changing conditions. Agility provides a safety net for avoiding disaster and an accelerator for speeding around corners. It is a rapid offense and a stout defense. In business, agility allows us to react to the reality of change, by staying alert of market conditions and navigating towards success.

These core values – Integrity, Innovation, and Agility – are the original three values for which the company was named. They are our Three Pillars. They remain relevant today – they are focused, powerful, and essential to our success.

Core values represent a handful of guiding principles by which we navigate the company. They are timeless guiding principles that require no external justification. They have intrinsic value and importance in and of themselves. For Three Pillar, Integrity is the root of these core values. It is the non-negotiable. In a recent brand audit, both external parties and our employees overwhelmingly agreed that Integrity is alive and well at Three Pillar. The respondents all confirmed that we are adhering to and actively living this core value.

For centuries, philosophers have contemplated the meaning of names. At a logical level, a name is nothing more than a grouping of letters which represent the identification of a person or object. Many have argued that because people identify themselves with a name, it may actually shape who they are and become. At Three Pillar, our company is built on three core values — Integrity, Innovation, and Agility. These are the pillars that define who we are, and they happen to be our name. Based on the recent audit, it looks as though our name has truly shaped who we have become.