What’s on My Phone: Fitbit

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In the “What’s on My Phone” series, I share tidbits regarding the apps, music, and other treasures that are on my phone. Together, these items keep me productive, motivated, and on top of my game.

I wear a Fitbit Force (just upgraded from the Flex, and am glad I did) and have a Fitbit Aria (scale) in my bathroom.

While it’s not the most mature wearable activity tracker on the market, Fitbit does a fabulous job with its user interface. They provide graphical data that helps me to stay aware of how well I’m doing at moving around, staying active, and monitoring my health.

By staying aware of my activity level, I’m able to make sure that I move around more and get a bit more exercise. This makes me feel more refreshed, more energized, and more alert. I’ve also lost about 15 pounds in the four months I’ve been using it.

Do you have a favorite app or use of technology to help you with your health and fitness? I’d love to hear about it!