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What’s your Stakeholder Philosophy?

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One of the unique aspects of 3Pillar‘s core ideology is our stakeholder philosophy. Our stakeholder philosophy defines who benefits from the decisions we make.

While many companies manage day-to-day operations for the benefit of shareholders, in recent years differing philosophies have emerged that prioritize the benefit of clients or employees, assuming that in doing so shareholders will ultimately be served.

At 3Pillar we strive to radically balance the mutual benefit of each of our stakeholders. We do this by:

  • Generating tangible business value for our clients
  • Empowering our employees to succeed
  • Stewarding our shareholders’ investments

At 3Pillar, we believe that each one of our stakeholders must be considered in our decision-making process. We have obligations and a desire to serve each one. Each one of our stakeholders is part of a larger ecosystem, and we balance their needs. This creates a culture of mutual benefit and ultimately increases the value of a relationship with our company for all parties.

This is not an easy philosophy to follow, but we’re convinced it’s the right one.

Are you deliberate about how you make decisions?  Have you explicitly stated your stakeholder philosophy?