Why Integrity?

1024 576 David DeWolf

Many people often question the wisdom of selecting integrity as Three Pillar’s core value.

Isn’t integrity a must-have for any business? Isn’t it table stakes, the foundation of any working relationship? Is it really something that is different about us at Three Pillar?

There is no doubt that most organizations expect others to operate with integrity. Unfortunately, it has been my experience that far too few people actually operate with integrity themselves. At Three Pillar, we actively live integrity.

Too many people believe that integrity is nothing more than a fancy word for honesty. Undoubtedly, honesty is a key component, but integrity requires much more. It is defined by the dictionary in the following three ways:

1) “Adherence to strong moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty”

Personal integrity describes the manner in which all of us should operate. Of course, it’s a given that we don’t lie, cheat, or steal. It’s assumed that we don’t stretch the truth or try to get away with something because it may go unnoticed.

We must also ask ourselves, are we consistent in what we do and say? Do we always strive to do the right thing?

2) “The state of being whole, entire, and undiminished; to preserve the integrity of an empire”

Organizational integrity describes the manner in which we operate as a unit. Do we consistently pursue a common purpose and work to achieve the same goals? Do we provide feedback and put effort into improving the organization or do we just whine and complain? Do we support organizational decisions, even when our personal preference would have been a different approach?

3) “a sound, unimpaired, or perfect condition; the integrity of a ship’s hull”

Integrity of work product describes the quality with which we deliver. Do we execute to the best of our ability? Do we propose what is needed rather than what we can sell? Do we make sound decisions, or do we cut corners or over-engineer? Are the results of our work appropriate for what is required?

If we actively pursue Personal Integrity, Organizational Integrity, and Integrity of Work Product, I am confident that our stakeholders (customers, employees, and shareholders) will undoubtedly recognize that there is something truly different about Three Pillar and our commitment to Integrity. They will experience an unparalleled commitment to Ethical Standards, Honesty, Teamwork, Reliability, and Results, not because we want them to witness it, but because we believe this is how business should be done.