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Why I’m Not Convinced Trump’s Dead on Arrival: Why He Has a Chance

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Last week I wrote about why I wouldn’t rule out a vote for Trump. Here’s why I’m convinced I’m not the only one and why I think he has a chance at President.

America wants something different. Will it be Donald Trump? I don’t know, but I can almost assure you it won’t be your father’s politician.

Republican or Democrat, it’s obvious that most voters simply aren’t happy with the status quo. That’s why Donald Trump is leading the polls for the Republican nomination, despite what many view as some serious missteps.

It’s why Ben Carson, the former Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon who lambasted President Obama during a prayer breakfast several years ago and has absolutely no political experience, has taken a huge step forward.

It’s why even Carly Fiorina, the former HP CEO with little-to-no name recognition is moving up.

The career politicians? They are lagging behind.

While many continue to argue that Mr. Trump’s lead won’t last, Carson’s surge is a fluke, and Carly will fade away, I’m not so convinced.

Here’s why:

The media and politicians, not the people, say it won’t last.

It’s the political pundits, the traditionalists, who keep saying that this will end. It’s the people who are holding the alternative candidates up. I’m not convinced that’s going to change.

Ultimately, the will of the people should prevail.

The people are tired of the status quo.

The reason the people are supporting nontraditional candidates is because they are tired of the status quo. We’ve been promised different – by both sides – and we have yet to see different.

The people don’t want a politician. They want a layman. They want one of their own.

The people want a leader, not an expert.

The people want a leader – someone to pull us together and create momentum, as opposed to someone who will divide them and create factions. They are simply not concerned about foreign policy, government experience, or Washington know-how. In fact, that’s what they fear.

They realize that a strong leader can surround themselves with the expertise they need but cannot abdicate their leadership capabilities.

The people want moderate, not extreme.

They want moderate, not extreme. The people are tired of extreme positions and divisive rhetoric. They want someone who will calm the tension and paint a vision that the country will rally around.

They want someone that will be reasonable, not someone who will be idealogical.

The people want a fighter, not a schmoozer.

The people are tired of politics. They don’t want the polished answer. They don’t want the politically correct response. The people want a fighter. They want somebody who will tell it like it is and fight for what’s right. They don’t want someone to go toe-to-toe with Iran, to punch Putin in the mouth if he oversteps his bounds, and to hold the line when he says it exists.

They want someone more concerned about delivering on promises than getting reelected.

The American people are screaming for change. Don’t expect Trump, Carson, or Fiorina to go away too soon. These three have staying power – in the form of the people.