It’s not about getting the right people on the bus

If you’ve read Good to Great, or talked to anyone who has, you probably remember that Jim Collins’ research and analysis showed that great companies know how to get the right people on the bus.  What many people fail to remember is that great companies also get the wrong people off the bus and the…

Think twice before you take a snow day

Two months in to my professional career I learned the value of a strong work ethic and professional commitment.  Living in Dallas, the few inches of snow that had fallen were enough to cause widespread cancellations throughout the city.  Being new to the workforce and having learned to drive in Colorado, it never dawned on…

On Empowerment

People don’t want to punch a time card and put their heads down and their butts up each day.  People want to influence decisions, make choices, solve problems and make a greater impact. From CMOE via Michael Hyatt

Are You an ‘A’ Player?

I’m continuously surprised how difficult it is to find ‘A’ players.  I’m even more surprised by how many people think, erroneously, that they are one of the few. Here’s a quiz to help you determine whether you are an All Star.

Undercover Boss

My wife and I watch very little TV. Every now and then we’ll flip it on and recently we have found that Undercover Boss is one of the few wholesome shows out there that we enjoy watching.

How do you build corporate culture?

Corporate Culture is a funny thing. Every company has a culture – it’s either built purposefully or by accident. It’s either an asset or a liability. In some companies culture is fostered, in others, it just happens. Simply put, culture is the environment we live in. I’m ashamed to admit that Three Pillar’s corporate culture…