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Server looking at customers from afar.
Stay close to your customer, even if it is cliche
1024 719 David DeWolf

Several years ago I sat with one of my mentors and asked for his advice. He’d been a big-time CEO for several decades, and I felt like all of our…

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Two easy ways to build momentum
1024 683 David DeWolf

James is a young entrepreneur. He was recruited by seasoned entrepreneurs to help bootstrap a new venture. Together, he and other similarly recruited co-founders have been working under the tutelage…

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Hiding behind a mask
Why your leadership is falling flat
1024 684 David DeWolf

For years I have been perplexed as to why certain individuals fail to inspire action and create momentum despite practicing what many might consider to be the best practices of leadership.…

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Leaders need managers
Why Great Leaders Require Great Managers
1024 518 David DeWolf

Great leaders are not always great managers, but they must build an appreciation, a reliance, and a strong capability in management disciplines.

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Missing opportunities
Not Showing Up: A Reason for Missing Opportunities
1003 481 David DeWolf

Are you showing up for the things that are important in your life? If not, you’re missing opportunities.

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You Need Vision to Make the Right Pivot - David DeWolf
Why You Need Vision to Make the Right Pivot in Your Business
800 545 David DeWolf

Why is vision so critical? Because without it, you can’t see where you’re going…as a business or an entrepreneur.

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Vision and strategy_1200x675
4 Steps to Take Before Building Your Startup Team
1024 576 David DeWolf

All too often I see product companies with nothing more than technology. No vision. No strategy. Nothing but an idea. Here are four steps you need to take BEFORE building your startup team.

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Taking joy in someone elses success_1200x675
Taking Joy in Someone Else’s Success
1024 576 David DeWolf

Sometimes, it’s more important to take joy in someone else’s success than it is to control what they do. As a business leader, you have to know when to let go and cheer.

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Do You Have Superman Syndrome? - David DeWolf
Do You Have Superman Syndrome?
800 480 David DeWolf

Here’s a reminder that the war is more important than the battle, especially for those of us with the tendency to let our Superman Syndrome take over.

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Go. NOW. - David DeWolf
Go, NOW: A Lesson for Entrepreneurs
700 482 David DeWolf

Here’s a lesson for entrepreneurs: make a decision and GO! There’s value in planning, but it’s more important to make a decision and GO.

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