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Working from Home Isn’t the Issue
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A couple of months ago Marissa Mayer asked all Yahoo employees to give up the privilege of working from home and make the trip into the office. A vigorous debate ensued and individuals…

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If you’re “looking for a job,” don’t apply here!
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Enough already about there not being enough jobs! If you’re just looking for “a job,” there’s probably a reason why you’re having a hard time finding one. The number one…

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Entrepreneurial dichotomy – thick-headed stubbornness and insane agility
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I’m often asked about the keys to success of an early-stage, entrepreneurial company. Many people think it’s the idea. I hate to burst your bubble, but a great idea is…

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Executive Interview
Interviewing is a horrible business practice
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A while ago I posted “You may not be the ‘A’ player you think you are,” describing what makes up a top performer. Charlie Thomas, CEO of Razorsight and author of…

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