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Choosing the Right Board Members
800 536 David DeWolf

Choosing the right board members is critical for business success. Here are three considerations that can make all the difference.

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5 Steps to ensure cascading goals_1200x675
5 Steps to Ensure Cascading Goals that Promote Teamwork
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Here are 5 steps I have taken this year to ensure that I cascade goals that promote teamwork.

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You Don't Have to Agree to Respect and Support - David DeWolf
Why You Don’t Have to Agree to Respect and Support Someone Else
800 614 David DeWolf

To respect and support another person, whether a team member or a spouse, you don’t have to agree. Here’s why…and how you can reframe your mindset.

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Beyond Hiring Biases to Build Great Teams - David DeWolf
Challenging the Typical Hiring Biases and Building Great Teams
800 514 David DeWolf

If you want to build great teams, you have to challenge the typical hiring biases. Here are two flaws in hiring only senior developers.

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What NOT to Do: Take Advantage and Destroy Trust
1024 576 David DeWolf

What are you doing to build your relationships? Are you taking advantage and destroying trust? Here’s a story of a business relationship gone bad because trust was destroyed.

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What Are the Most Important Decisions You Make as a Leader - David DeWolf
What Are the Most Important Decisions You Make as a Leader?
800 557 David DeWolf

What are the most important decisions you make as a leader in your organization? In my mind, the answer is straightforward.

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The Most Important "I" in Team - David DeWolf
The Most Important “I” in Team
700 438 David DeWolf

As leaders, we have to recognize that the most important “I” in team is the one we’re responsible for: ourselves.

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Your Number 1 Priority: Teamwork
700 525 David DeWolf

Let’s look at four ways to focus and build your number 1 priority, teamwork.

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Take Ownership, Knowing It’s NOT a One-Man Band
700 631 David DeWolf

One of the big mistakes a lot of people make is to assume that when they take ownership, it means that they don’t need help. Here’s how humble confidence gets applied to take that viewpoint to the right level.

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Building Trust in Your Teams
700 466 David DeWolf

Building trust is critical for good teamwork. But how do you do that and make it last?

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