The great ones don’t expect it

There are three types of employees: those who think they are great, those who are great, and those for whom greatness is not part of the discussion. The first two are mutually exclusive, and the third will likely never get there.

Delight in the success of others

Many of us are driven to succeed.  Some of us love the thrill of victory.  Others want to change the world. Still more long to do the most with the talents they have been given. Often the drive to succeed is the motivating power that helps us persevere during difficult times. This is a very…

Becoming an Employer of Choice

The best team wins. Period. The most talented individuals don’t always win. The best strategy doesn’t always win. The most innovative product won’t always win. But in my experience, the best team wins. The formula for team-building is fairly simple. Attract and retain the best talent, get those individuals to play well together, and then…

Building a Great Team

Great leaders build great teams. Great teams don’t just happen.  They are built and maintained deliberately.  Over the years, I have found the following guiding principles to play a key role in my team building efforts:

Give up the illusion of control – proactively build your board

One of the worst pieces of advice I received in the early days of Three Pillar was to refrain from building a board of directors.  If you need the advice, I was told, build a board of advisors.  Conventional wisdom said that I shouldn’t relinquish control.  Luckily, I ignored conventional wisdom and did the opposite…

On Empowerment

People don’t want to punch a time card and put their heads down and their butts up each day.  People want to influence decisions, make choices, solve problems and make a greater impact. From CMOE via Michael Hyatt