Why Are We Here?: Emerge and Evolve, Episode 1

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For the first episode of my new series, Emerge and Evolve: Becoming the Leader You Were Made to Be, I talked with host Will Sherlin about why I felt compelled to start the series.

The short version is this. Thanks to the help of countless others, I’ve personally experienced a continual evolution in my own leadership journey. This has allowed me to go from being a heads-down software developer writing code 80 hours a week to a forward-looking entrepreneur and CEO who’s at the helm of a rapidly growing digital product development company.

With the right people supporting me, I’ve been fortunate to be able to make frequent leadership leaps while guiding 3Pillar Global through numerous growth phases. 3Pillar has grown from 6 team members in 2009, all based in Northern Virginia, to more than 2500 today in 9 countries, from North America to Latin America to Eastern Europe to the Asia Pacific.

In setting the stage for the rest of season 1, I share how other people more than anything else have been highly impactful throughout my leadership journey. I also talk about why the impact others have had on me gave me the impetus to start this podcast, and how discovering my true passion of building high-performing teams ended up changing the trajectory of not just my life but the lives of many others as well.

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