India software engineering - David DeWolf

Is your impression of India software engineering hurting you?

He looked me square in the eyes. “We’ll never do this in India.”

He was dead set against building his product in India. There was no doubt about it. Thank goodness we had development capabilities all over the world; otherwise, it was clear that we wouldn’t even be having the conversation.

From a marketing perspective, I don’t get too concerned about these types of perceptions. With well over 60% of our engineering talent in the US and Eastern Europe, we have plenty of opportunity...

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Is the fair deal worth it? - David DeWolf

What’s a “fair deal”? And is it worth it?

This past week I posted my beloved, trusty truck for sale.

I had it detailed. Getting a truck in tip-top shape is guaranteed to help it sell — and capture a higher price. I then spent quite a bit of effort putting together some marketing materials. I want folks to know how good this truck is and I didn’t want to my truck to be just one more lost amongst the masses of other postings.

As a final step, I priced it — below its blue book value range.

Why would I do things that drive a...

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