Beyond the Three Pillars of 3Pillar

As the founder and CEO of 3Pillar, I often get asked, “David, what are the three pillars of 3Pillar?” The name of the company begs the question. When I started 3Pillar in 2006, I didn’t have a grand vision of building a company with teams of software developers all over the world. I just knew…

Friendship and business are two different things

A week ago my good friend and business partner, Blaine Hall, stepped down as COO of Three Pillar.  Blaine started his first business, Firefly DB, two weeks before I started Three Pillar.  For the first couple of years of business we were advisors, confidants, and partners as CEOs of our respective companies.  After two false…

Integrity is not honesty

I’m not sure there is any one lesson that my parents stressed more than the importance of integrity when I was growing up.  True to the lesson, my father did more than preach integrity, he modeled integrity.  Over the course of my career I have realized how few people really understand what integrity is (hint,…

Are You an ‘A’ Player?

I’m continuously surprised how difficult it is to find ‘A’ players.  I’m even more surprised by how many people think, erroneously, that they are one of the few. Here’s a quiz to help you determine whether you are an All Star.

Why liberals love the tea party

I don’t care if you are at the opposite end of the political spectrum, if you’re a person of character, you still have to respect the Tea Party. Over the past several days, we’ve heard political pundits and news organizations scream about how the tea party is holding the country hostage and failing to compromise….